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AutoMario is a free and decentralized hosting platform and a member of the CHATONS collective. It is hosted on my home server and on a VPS rented from ARN. It is hosting a complete mailing service, a file storage service based on Nextcloud and a secure passwords hosting service. You will also find some tutorials to install all of its softwares to your own server.
It is funded entirely by donations. The main goal of the project is to be independent, non-lucrative and respectfull to its users and to their privacy.

Unbon.café (A good coffee in French) is a Gemini capsules’ hosting service. The goal of this service is to promote the use of the gemini protocol and to give you some space to host easily your caspule (the exact equivalent of a website on gemini). The service is running on an OpenBSD virtual machine and use only its embedded tools and vger.

My contributions

OpenBSD pour tou.te.s (OBSD4A)

I am a member of OBSD4A (OpenBSD for all in English), a French speaking community who promotes OpenBSD. Launched by a group of friends, it tries to vulgarize the usage of this system for everyone.
At the end of 2020, after internal discussions, I decided to join the administration team and I am in charge of the site’s maintenance and of the mailling-list.

CHATONS collective

I am a member of the CHATONS collective, a small collective of services hosters who want to provide alternatives to GAFAM’s services, thanks to my project AutoMario.

OpenBSD Webzine

I contribute time to time on the English part and on the French translation for the OpenBSD Webzine’s project. I host the website’s DNS zone on my server and I am also in charge of the domain’s reservation.

About this website

This website is meant to be simple, fast and optimizied for every existing device. It does not have trackers, cookies or any hidden bloatware.

How to contact me


You can use this link to send me an e-mail.
You will find here my PGP key for signing and encrypting. The complete fingerprint of the key is : 83F2 E9F6 6821 0257 6327 A625 44B1 371C 2A42 52E2

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